The charm of Tsuru city

Tsuru City is located in the eastern part of Yamanashi Prefecture, with rich greenery surrounded by unique mountains such as Mt. Mitsu-Touge (三ツ峠山) and Mt. Niju-Rokuya (二十六夜山). It is a small city that retains a remnant of a castle town, blessed with a natural environment, and full of clean water that has been selected as one of the "100 Exquisite and Well-Conserved Waters in Heisei Era".

Sightseeing of Tsuru city


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Longing sky, beautiful mountain, clear water.
The scenery that fascinated Matsuo Basho and Soho Tokutomi
is here in Tsuru-City.
In Tsuru city, just an hour from Tokyo,
why don't you feel the historical atmosphere and the blessings of nature?

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Gourmet of Tsuru city


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In Tsuru-City, with magnificent mountains and beautiful water,
there are a lot of delicious gourmets.
From famous local cuisines to hidden quality restaurants,
enjoy the gourmet that you will not be able to experience outside.

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Shopping of Tsuru city


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Agricultural products and processed products preciously made in Tsuru-City
are all proudly provided by people in Tsuru.
Maybe you can find something you will never see.
Please come and find your souvenirs.

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Staying of Tsuru city


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Tsuru-City, which is perfectly located and accessible to Mt. Fuji,
has abundant accommodations.
We have local guesthouses and many accommodations and hotels
where you can stay with your friends and families.

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